Frequently Asked questions

I'm more of a visual person, how do I see what my file tree looks like?

Check out the image below on this page! We provided this visualization because we are visual people, too.

Take Me There

Are my files relative or full path?

CAD Monkey uses relative path for all XREFs on AutoDesk 2018 products.  This gives you the ability to simply move the files around to your desired folder, or share with outside vendors, without needing to bind or reattach any of your XREFs.

Note:  if you're using 2017 then your XREFs may connect as Full Path and not Relative Path. We're working on this.

I updated some template names, how do I make sure CAD Monkey is using the latest & greatest files?

If you ever want to confirm which templates you are using as the source files, just run the configuration command (MONKEYFREECONFIG) and you'll be able to update the source file templates, change your file suffix, or just confirm it all looks good.

Can I change the file tree to be something different?

You can, but not just yet.  CAD Monkey Free only provides one specific file tree, but CAD Monkey LITE and PRO will let you provide more customization, more files, and Paper Space references.  Keep checking back for updates!