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Who We Are

CAD Monkey, LLP was created by an Architect and a Programmer. Together, these partners created CAD Monkey, LLP with one goal in mind; give time back to the design professional to focus on their trade.  CAD Monkey is not here to replace the creative function of Architects, Engineers or Designers.  It’s your time and fee so spend it where you want! 


What We Do

CAD Monkey is focused on automating the process of setting up and connecting drawings, like External References (or XREFs), for Architects, Engineers, Designers or anyone else who needs to link files together.  We are always looking to learn how other individuals and companies set up their files, and CAD Monkey can be fully customized to reflect any specific needs.


What We Offer

Currently, CAD Monkey works as an add-on for most AutoCAD products like AutoDesk Architecture.  We have a FREE version available now that will help setup a simple set of drawings, but stay tuned because a fully customizable version will be available soon!

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